Comquest Projects

Comquest Projects is a consulting company that specializes in the design and delivery of network infrastructure services and solutions. Comquest Projects is a leader in infrastructure consulting, application performance, security and converged networking. We deliver services, tools and solutions to create:

  • Next Generation Networks – IP telephony, video and data
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Network and Systems Management Solutions
  • Storage and Content Networking Environments
  • Local and Distributed Wireless Networks
Comquest offers high-value expertise to assist customers with their network, application performance, security and multi-media business requirements. Within the parameters of the customer's resources, goals and objectives, we leverage the most appropriate technologies in a cost-effective manner to solve business problems. With a complete range of services Comquest helps customers leverage the power of next-generation networking technologies.

Our Services

Network Engineering and Deployment

Comquest Projects Network Engineering and Deployment services enable customers to rapidly adopt and assimilate new voice, video and data technologies, thereby minimizing time-to-implement and operational costs associated with new services and solutions.

Converged Networking for Multiservice Applications

As rapidly maturing technologies enable the convergence of voice, video and data, customers will have a wealth of innovative integrated services available.

Network Application Performance

Network Application Performance refers to the performance of a combined application and network infrastructure to provide support for business-critical applications.

Consulting and advisory Services

As an organization, Comquest Projects main focus is customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to understand the business requirements for their systems prior to designing a technical solution. Only by assisting our customers to meet their business objectives can we be successful as an organization.

Investment Strategies

A well-planned investment strategy is an essential component of any investment decision.

Licensing and Bid Management

The trend towards deregulation and privatization is still prevalent worldwide, with governments resorting to bids and tenders...

Project Management

Organizations can save valuable time and scarce resources by implementing Project Management in a disciplined manner. 

Strategy and Organization

Top-performing companies successfully leverage their organizations more effectively than rivals, deriving more...

Performance Management Business Activity Monitoring

The availability of information is paramount for efficiency.  The correlation of planning, production, sourcing, distribution, finance,..

Product and Services Management

In business, companies should adopt a market driven attitude where strategies are based on market needs...

Sustainability and Risk Management

Through the deployment of their networks, the operation of other...

Due Diligence

In today's troubled financial world, new business deals are a delicate balancing act that requires financial analysis and a deep understanding of the business’ fundamentals.

Operation and Maintenance Management

The survival of telecom operators depends upon their ability to maintain network availability...

It is on record that we one of the most prolific integrated network turnkey support services company and our delivery turn around time is unrivalled, we have delivered both legacy and hard to find network equipments in record time at a cost effective price. Our proactive team of field engineers and network analyst solely owns this track record. In the area of supplies, we take on a Buffy of challenges from simple task such as air conditioning systems and cables to much more technical supplies such as; Telecommunication equipments, Oil Rig leasing and support services, Heavy duty construction equipments, Patented Technology for Road making (Probase solution), Front End Engineering design Geophysical and Geotechnical survey, Investment advisory consulting services.